KnightKrawler KnightKrawler Get Amplified Entertainment meets the National Association of Campus Activities in South Carolina

Get Amplified Entertainment meets the National Association of Campus Activities in South Carolina

This year I had the privilege of launching Get Amplified Entertainment which is a company geared towards providing a platform for spoken word artists, poets, lecturers and motivational speakers to both entertain and educate others on how important it is to find and utilize their respective positive outlets. This has been a dream of mine for a while now but sometimes it may take time to manifest these dreams. Rome wasn’t built in a day and having a strong foundation is key to a long lasting and successful business.

I am very excited that this will also be Get Amplified Entertainment’s first official representation at the National Association of Campus Activities (NACA) which specializes in providing quality planning for students of higher learning across the United States. I have been a member of NACA under my spoken word name “KnightKrawler” for about 9 years now but this time it will be in the capacity of the agent and not just the artist. That time has really taught me a lot, not just in performing in front of larger crowds, but also the time and effort it takes in “preparing for the show.” From scheduling flights; arriving at the venues; attending mandatory soundchecks etc…there is a lot that goes on just to get on a stage…and all of this has nothing to do with what the artist will do once they are on there. I believe now I have a chance to show others, (especially a younger generation who is passionate about their craft,) how to hone their skills and really give it their all for something they love.

There was an old saying I heard years ago, “when you do something you love…it feels as if you are never working a day in your life.” I believe the opposite, lol. When it is something you enjoy doing you have to work harder to make sure the demands of the path you chose does not diminish the passion you have for your craft. Work ethic and drive do not change because the objective is directed towards something a person likes…in actuality…that could cause them to be lazy and idle. I relate this to the tortoise and the hare story. The hare was so confident he would win against the tortoise, (because he was naturally faster,) that he took a nap while the tortoise pushed on. When the hare woke up it was too late to beat the tortoise. Although this is a children’s story, I think its lessons hold true for people of all ages, “practice and hard work makes you better,” and “slow and steady wins the race.”