(This piece is simply inspiration that keeps me going every time I perform. One of my signature, “shotgun poems,” if you will. Hopefully this will be able to inspire others as well.)

I spit poetry to those that didn’t

Then later on…gave them a passion to recite

I spit poetry to children

That when older…inspired them to write

I spit poetry to the masses

Gave them my soul for just “one knight”

I spit poetry to the ignorant…only to receive their hate and spite


I spit to countless individuals

Sometimes the crowds turnout was “wack”

I remember when I spit to only two people

And the end of the world wouldn’t make them clap

I spit to people who couldn’t feel me

All they wanted to do was point and laugh

I spit to people who felt my words soo much…

They ain’t even have to clap


I spit to presidents of colleges and made them wonder

“Heyyo…who is that?”

I guess you should never judge a book by it’s cover

No matter red, nor white, nor black

I spit “poetry” to the “poets”

To show we share a kindred spirit

Even though we all walk different lives

Somehow we share connections


I spit to women…sharing my passion

And seen “a twinkle in they eyes”

I spit to women…sharing my passion

And seen disgust inside they eyes

I spit words to my brothers

I guess those words have torn them up inside

Some of my brothers have hated me soo much

They wish that I would die


I spit to crowds of those that envy me

I spit to those who show me sympathy

Sometimes…that’s all that’s needed for…

It only depends…upon the venue

On the Knight

On the evening


I spit soo much…it comes to question

When will I ever spit enough?

Because the applause’s are addicting

And ladies your snaps I can never get enough


I spit to enemies, to friends, to girls I lust

To girls I love

I spit alone sometimes for practice…getting ready for the audience

Sometimes my hand is shaking when I spit

I just don’t let the people notice

Sometimes I COMMAND MY TALENT when I spit

And the mic is UNIMPORTANT

I spit soo much it comes to question

When will I ever spit enough?

Because the applause’s are addicting

And ladies your snaps I can never get enough


Dead silence couldn’t stop me

I’ve spit to crowds that never liked me

The callous looks inside their eyes woke me from sleep

The stares could haunt me

Sometimes the theme I spit…

I guess the crowd they didn’t like

Next thing you know almost 12 years later

They STILL amplified



So if you ask me…if anyone asks me

What would I do if a crowd does not applaud


There’s only one thing to do…

The only thing that’s fitting…

The only thing I’ll do…

Is to “keep on spitting.”



(This piece was written about a young woman who caught my eye when she was onstage reciting her poetry. I couldn’t see her clearly so I was inspired to write this.)

She moves her pen with elegance

She writes her words with style

I’m caught off guard by her finesse

Let me marvel for a while


I wager silk is no content

Although satin is her rival

Her touch it must be softer still

So I’ll marvel for a while


Although I can not see her face

It has to be divine

Perhaps she’ll greet me with a smile

So I’ll marvel at her…for just a while



(A story about putting thoughts on paper.)

Maybe…I should write thoughts strong enough

To swallow up the sea

Beyond the realm where light is caught

Beyond the realm of me


The story is the same

Although so often still

This name may change

No matter what it’s called


A shadow is a shadow

A thought is just a thought

No matter what I’m thinking of

Creatures that dwell in lands above


Relinquish all thy might

Please save me from conspiracies

That nest inside the night

Visions of moon lighten trickery


Please summon all your power

In order for me just to exist

For one more fragment of an hour.