KnightKrawler Presents: The Rules Of Poetry

KnightKrawler Presents: The Rules of Poetry is now available on Amazon and Kindle. This book is collection of ten tips and techniques I’ve developed over the years in regards to spoken word performances and how to effectively engage an audience.

KnightKrawler Presents: Another Endless Knight

My latest book, KnightKrawler Presents: “Another Endless Knight” is available for purchase on Amazon as well as the Kindle. This book is a collection of 80 spoken word pieces and short stories that focus on love, loss, and accomplishing your goals through hard work and dedication. This multimedia book also includes links to my music. Anything in the book that has an illustration that says KnightKrawler Presents is an actual song so if you enjoy the words you may like the music as well. If you would prefer a signed copy just reach out to me at or my social media pages. Thanks again everybody. More news coming soon!