Lets Write!

Thank you so much again and please let me know what you think Mrs. Velma. KnightKrawler Presents: Another Endless Knight. Available at the libraries, Amazon, and from the trunk of my car, lol. I keep copies. 😉

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The Bridge Builder

My grandfather didn’t really write poetry…but I heard he was always known for reciting it! In front of family, loved ones, and even strangers. I was told this was his favorite poem. “The Bridge Builder” My mother was telling me that’s what you do. “Since your ‘List’ and your ‘Amplifier’ this is exactly what your life has become. You are a writer and you build and inspire. In both your city and beyond! So…one day the future gen will not only cross your bridge…they will build an even bigger one for their future.” I am proud of you…and I know he would be too. 😉 #GetAmplified #AnotherEndlessKnight #Amplifier #DuvalPoetry #DuvalHipHop #Forever

Another Endless Knight Continues

It has been ONE year since my book KnightKrawler Presents “Another Endless Knight” was published and it’s still selling strong!

A special shoutout to everyone who has purchased it so far and all of the positive feedback! This multimedia book is well, a collection of my life as a writer actually. 80 short stories, poems, songs, and hooks I pulled from just a few of my rhyme books dealing with love, loss, achievements, and tapping into your positive outlet.

What makes it a multimedia book is that many of the pieces were also recorded in a professional studio and are available on all major digital platforms. If a piece says “KnightKrawler Presents” in the title, google that name, and the track will show up.

It is a hybrid book.

If you like the words, you will most definitely enjoy the song! Again, thanks for the constant feedback everyone and for those who do not have a copy, the book is available on Amazon. If you want a signed one…hit me up at knightkrawlerproductions@gmail.com or any of my social media. The signed copy comes with a bookmark and another free gift!

The movement continues to move and for that I’m extremely grateful. More to come…very soon. Sincerely, KnightKrawler aka “The Amplifier.”

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I recently had the opportunity to have one of my poems published. This particular piece speaks on a few of the many tragedies that have happened in my hometown of Jacksonville, Florida over the years.

It is called “Redrum”

This poem and others are also available in my latest poetry book titled, “KnightKrawler Presents: Another Endless Knight” which is available on Amazon.

National Association Of Campus Activities 60th Year Anniversary

Recently I had the pleasure of conducting three workshops geared towards teaching the importance of communication, belief in ones abilities, and tapping into your positive outlet via spoken word and creative writing. The organization NACA (National Association of Campus Activities) was also celebrating their 60th year anniversary. Here are a few pictures from the event.

A Writer’s Knight

A month from now…after, “Santa” finishes climbing down chimneys, lol, and after the New Year rolls in…we are throwing a show!

Join us for an evening of spoken word featuring some of the dopest artists I’ve had a chance to share both studio and stage with. This one is dedicated to the writers!
More info the closer this event gets. Happy Holidays ya’ll.

Changing The World…one rhyme at a time.

Last weeks Youth Poetry Spoken Word Workshop was great. We went more in detail about memorization.

Memorization normally means, “committing something to heart.”

In the spoken word world however, it means becoming familiar with your piece to the point it seems more natural and fluid…even if you’re reading from paper or your phone.

It means…getting comfortable with your work to the point where you can share it.

Yesterdays workshop was more difficult because not only was everyone asked to write on the spot…they also were asked to memorize and perform. 😮

They did an awesome job!!! 🙂

I am soo proud of them y’all!

Words can’t express!

I told them, “always remember, the quicker you can write and memorize, the stronger your writing and performance ability will become!”